Sunday, 17 June 2012

Massive update

Well Hello everyone! It seems like I am taking longer and longer to write a post but I think after so long its better to only write when you have something epic to share :) My last 2 shoots have been the most "successful" shoots I have yet done: THe first shoot will be published in August and I will not mention magazine names yet or it 'aint' fun, but lets say the sun was shinning, I had a very good team and Samantha was the angel model again. I do have some images on my website that have a different styling and background than the magazine images, they were just shot on the same day thats all. I thought: If we're going to have to wait until the issue comes out, might as well have something to show now! Most excitingly, I finally managed to get some images approved in Photovogue which is for me a nice step! WOrking with Linnea @ Profile models has been something i'd been wanting for a while and wanted to wait for the right time. Simone was once again my stylist and Viola the MUA and hair stylist. Was such a nice shoot to do, so easy :) The shoot was inspired on this one editorial shot by Florian Sommet called: "Just Human Nature" with model Masha Rudenko who I find freaking phenomenal and would love to work with one day. I studied the images with Simone, who once again gave the most stunning wardrobe <3 What can I say, It went well! Overall, this has been great, I feel good about what I am doing and the people I am surrounded by. I cannot express enough how important it is to have the correct surrounding to be able to achieve your goals. I am going through a very "meditation" get "rid" of all the rubbish people in my life fase and embrace the good ones. SOmetimes, it is actually easier to move on from certain things than to sit and hope for a miracle, same applies to Le Fashion photography.

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Mash, Yulya and life

What a day! What a long emotional day. I was told by many friends, colleagues and even ocasional people that have seen my work (always surprises me that people that have never seen me before follow my work) that I should keep the emotional side of my blog and it is inspiring in a way so thats what I am going to keep doing.See.. I dont actually know anyone more emotional than me. It becomes slightly pathetic sometimes. I have insecurities like any other human being but probably with a bit more of spice. My father is a very emotional man, very moralistic and he bought me up to think about things very carefully, to think of my next step 10 times before taking it and to believe in the good in people. Now, I am not very good (terrible in fact) at separating my emotional life with my images. I think I mentioned in a previous post that I use this as an advantage to create more intense pictures (all of this has a point..please keep reading). Today I shot 2 models, 2 very very different models. Masha was one of the most confident and sexy girls that I have worked with. You know when you meet people that aspire confidence? She was one of them. Yuliya, 15 years old, very new in the business had just been signed with Leni's and said about 4 words. She was so sweet, very simetrical features, it was deja vu to new faces test shooting for the first time. Now, I didnt shoot them together , separate sets , separate things. It was so interesting to see the different interactions , the different atitude between these 2 girls. Id swap between them (4 times) and it was like I was in a completely different zone, a completely different planet every time. Made me think about people in general: their "here I am" atitude and their "stepping into relatively new territory" persona. It specially made me think about me, as a person. As I said above, I was brought up to think and constantly analise everything around me so thats why I ended up taking the whole situation and creating a metaphor out of it. Everything has the same cycle: your young, you know you like something or someone, you take a chance, your scared but you know you have it in you..until one day it blossoms and you have no longer doubts about what you are doing. You know every bit of your body and brain to move fwd to whatever goal you are reaching. So these 2 girls were at absolutely oposite points but they both new what they wanted. We all start somewhere, we all get scared, we all grow, make mistakes, learn from them until we are comfortable enough to pursue whatever it is we wanted in the first place. If you are starting with photography, you will enter in full speed, have full faith, probably think you're the best in class and one day you'll brake, you'l think your work is crap, until you find it in you to get your pieces together and start again. Its how everything in life works and that is the best bit of it all: The realisation. Thats why I believe everything happens for a reason, that if the model doesnt show on that day, its simply because It's not meant to be, things sometimes..are just not meant to happen. Other example: the MUA is crap! but thats when you find the force in you to make that shoot worth it. You will get that moment at the right time and you will create a beautiful image. (I cant complain, I had a wicked MUA Tabby Casto and Hair stylist Katie Wilton today HA!). As you see, I am pretty emotional and I think that work, love.. well life itself works in funny ways, and I try my best to go with the flow.. and boy it feels good when it makes sense, which in the end it always does. Image: Masha Shafry MUA: Tabby Casto Hair: Katie Wilton Special thanks to Tery for the help :)x

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Bring me that Latex!

Next project = Latex! I have been wanting to do a black and white latex shoot for about 2 years but I dont think I was ready yet (yes I can admit it). Anywho, I cant give out names yet but my biggest inspiration was a shoot with model Masha Rudenko where she made latex seem like the most powerful sensual tasteful fabric to ware. I know exactly what model I want and her answer was yes! Just have to check with her agency. Simone will style once again and the MUA I have not yet worked with but is very close to Simone so "in her I trust" !

I will keep you updated. I the mean time, I am choosing magazines to publish my work. Hard work, requires a lot of time which I am willing to give. Its just a matter of the right day at the right time with the right e-mail to the right person, right? I leave you with an image from my previous shoot, this because I am watching Game of Thrones and I had the series in mind when I shot this and ... well because I like it :)

Monday, 19 March 2012


So much happening I cannot begin to explain. I am SO looking forward to my holiday to Portugal next week. See the beach, my family and obviously take some lovely shots! I am now saving up for a 24/70.. will take a while as I have savings for other bits and bobs but when the time comes, I will embrace it! I believe everything takes its time, that life brings you things only when you are ready for them. Yes, way to spiritual for this matter but I like to apply that thought to everything in my life. WHen you dedicate your time to something you love (in this case, as we know, photography) , you tend to put into it whatever you feel inside. If you feel tired and desmotivated, the probability of your work coming out as well as It could of will be slim. Same goes to the oposite, when you feel great, you project greatness. It's not just about good or bad, its also other feeling people tend to forget, for example: If you feel weird, going through decisions in your life, a unexpected love , anything, you will projecte it in what you do. At the moment I am having to make big decisions in mine, some I am aching to make but you know what? It has projected very intense images because thats how I feel right now! I take advantage of how I feel.

Theres nothing in life that comes for no reason. Do what you do best, experiment, make mistakes, take bad pictures, take good pictures, do the worse retouching of your life , do the best retouching of your life, accept criticisms , smile, cry. I cannot express enough how important it is to feel what you feel in order to create beauty, no matter what it is you do!

With that, I shall leave you my most dramatic image so far which I am proud to have!

Credits to :

Aneley @ Oxygen Models


Assistant: MONIKA TAME

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

This weekend, Im staying in her room

So.. I'v been stuck in bed for the past 3 days as I caught a sudden cold/flu (not sure what to call it). I am terrible with not doing anything, Ill easily sink into boredom. As you know, its hard to think of things properly when you're not feeling good. My flatmate and good friend Ollie always likes to remind me in my low times that I should write what goes in my mind or tweet more (im trying to get into it..). Iv left him to get on with his life as I get quite needy when I'm ill (like anyone) and decided to write. One of the things is that this weekend Im suppose to shoot for a magazine and need to get my energy sorted to do it. We were ment to do it in a studio, but I have now decided to shoot in location, being this, the models rooms. Her name is Francesca Horton and she is one of the most photogenic women I know. Im trying to figure angles in her room and its pretty much going to be an "easy" one as her room is full of personality. She is a mixture of ex goth (ha) with pin-up and obviously I will abuse of that fact! Im gonna focus on all that personality. SHe has beautiful features and I'd forgotten how excited I was about it. She's awesome with makeup so no MUA required, so goes with hair. I was going to go for the whole shenanigans but decided to stick to her good techniques.

ANyways, blabbering along. Have a look at my new website and let me know what you think..

Also, thank you to my followers for your lovely messages. I will keep posting.

Till then, take care!

Sunday, 12 February 2012

This weekend, I am going with the flow.

How exciting! Im shooting Samantha from MO management this weekend. They're a new agency and I feel its great potential. Gonna get cracking with some beauty portraits. This time I decided that the MUA Viola would choose the theme/ idea and all. I am going with the flow :) thats my new thing.. even in general life, I have chosen to just go with it and not worry so much. We are creating something simple and beautiful and thats the amazing thing about beauty portraits. I am really looking fwd to it! I have so many things aligned to shoot and I really feel these next shoots will be a boost on my portfolio.

2012 , here I come !

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

New Website ... and other things!


New website now :) I'm still tweaking it a bit but have been extremely busy lately but have a look. Im pretty excited!

Overall lately I have been involved in very exciting projects. I met someone called Marek Tarkowski at a model agency party (MOT) about a month or 2 ago . He's a film Director and is currently in London filming. I met for a meeting and we are creating something genius and exciting (seems to be the word of the day!). Last week I had the pleasure of doing some stills on his movie set which I hadnt done for a while. The idea is to study how he works. Marek will then come to one of my shoots to observe how I work. Then we know what to expect from each other.

I have a bunch of ideas in mind and so does he. We're equally passionate about what we do so I cant see why we cannot make it happen!

I have some more news I will gradually update you on. There are so many great things going on I dont think its fair to write it on just one post!

So with that here is my link for all you new readers:

and I shall leave you with one the backstage images from the set :)